Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Microsoft Source Analyzer (StyleCop) Extensions Controversy – Part Two

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A couple weeks ago I got irritable because a blog posting on how to extend StyleCop for TFS TeamBuild had been removed “at Microsoft’s request”.  That posting got a bit of attention on dotNetKicks, quite surprising me. 

I was really pleased to see today that the redacted post that originally got my thong in bunch is now back and there’s an MSDN blog entry trying to clear up confusion around the whole issue.

Apparently the released name of the tool (Microsoft Source Analyzer – now Microsoft StyleCop) confused me a bit – in that, I assumed with a “Microsoft” prefix that it was an official offering with a project team and a budget.  Such seems to be not the case, and, according to that clarification blog, it’s actually the work of a single developer at Microsoft ("on evenings and weekends") – which makes it all the more impressive, in my opinion.  (If Jason Allor ever leaves Microsoft and shows up at your company for an interview, hire him.  StyleCop would be a phenomenal and well-designed if it had a team and a budget, for one guy in his spare time ... )

In addition, the StyleCop blog now announces an upcoming version which will include an SDK and documentation, making my own custom rules tutorial obsolete.  This is a good thing.

Another good thing is that I learned a new word from bharry's comments: "kerfufel".

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Manuel said...

Hi Paul, I've written an article about StyleCop for the german dotnetpro Mag in wich I've mentioned your blog for details on how to extend the Rule Engine. I would send you a copy but couldn't find your Mail Adress.