Saturday, February 7, 2009

Parallel Programming Session at South Florida Code Camp

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I spent today in Miramar at the South Florida Code Camp, ending the day by presenting my Parallel Programming session.

If you’re one of the attendees from that session looking for the PowerPoint deck and demos:  Thank you very much for your time and attention, the zip file at the end of this post packages up what you saw today.

The session seemed to go well, with about 30- to 40-people in attendance and no one leaving early (always a good sign, but especially since this was the first time I’d presented this session).  There seemed to be a lot of interest in the topic and several people asked really good questions that made the session better. 

I’m going to be presenting the same session in March at the Orlando Code Camp and I’m thinking of adding a Part II that will take a deeper dive into the architecture and the options around Parallel.For and Tasks.

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