Friday, May 1, 2009

The Blogger Next Door - Update

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It’s been about a month since I made my post about The Blogger Next Door, referring to Bil Simser’s The Girl Next Door post – well, Bil has now posted an update, including pictures of Natalie receiving her new laptop with Dragon Naturally Speaking at her birthday party this week.  On top of the laptop and software, Bil’s post raised $2100 to help Natalie’s family with the medical expenses. 

A Bit About Nuance Communications and Dragon Naturally Speaking

One of the things I find most impressive about the result is the actions of Nuance Communications, makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking

After reading Bil’s original post and making my own, I gave in to a bit of a whim and faxed a letter to the CEO of Nuance, referencing Bil’s blog and briefly describing the situation.  I faxed that letter after close of business on a Friday afternoon.

Before 10:00 AM Monday morning, I had received an email from the Dragon Naturally Speaking Product Manager telling me that they had emailed Bil to offer a free copy of the software.

They really didn’t have to respond at all and certainly not that quickly, but they did – and it wasn’t because of any great amount of publicity they’d get for the deed.  There were no national news vans hovering around this story – they did it because they were able to help and wanted to.  That’s the best reason.

So, for what it’s worth coming from my little blog, the folks at Nuance are a stand-up group and I know I’ll be looking to them on any project I work on that might benefit from their products.